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Confirmation of Employment - Dental Foundation

Throughout your employment, there may be a need for you to confirm, with third parties, your employment status. However, in many cases you can do this by providing a copy of your contract and/or confirmation of your employment and previous payslips which can be downloaded via ESR Self-Service. Downloading your documents from ESR is a simple and speedy way to obtain evidence of your employment.


Visa Extensions and Indefinite Leave to Remain Applications


If you have a HEE-Sponsored Visa and are applying for a Visa Extension or Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), you do not need to request a Confirmation of Employment Letter from Lead Employer.

Although we are your employer, we are not responsible for the sponsorship of your Visa. Any queries or changes should be referred to the Overseas Team via email:

You are advised to refer to the FAQ section on the Overseas Sponsorship Team Website for further information and guidance. 

If downloading documents is not acceptable, the Lead Employer is able to confirm your offer of employment for the following reasons:

  • For a Rental Agreement
  • For a Mortgage Application

However, we are only able to provide limited information for these purposes. We will confirm your personal details including Speciality, Grade and HEE Region plus the following depending upon the reason for the request. No other details can be provided.

Mortgage Application

  • Number of Contracted Hours
  • Fixed Term Contract Dates
  • Basic Salary
  • Total additional rostered hours
  • Weekend allowance
  • Night premium hours
  • Flexible pay premium
  • Total salary

NB. We can only provide Pay Elements for your current placement. No future placement details can be provided as these are subject to change.

Rental Agreement

  • Number of Contracted Hours
  • Fixed Term Contract Dates
  • Basic Salary

NB. As the Lead Employer does not manage annual leave, we are not able to provide details of any annual leave taken. You are requested to obtain this from your placement directly.

For us to provide you with your letter confirming your employment, you must complete the form linked below.

All details marked * MUST be completed. Failure to complete all the necessary information will delay your request.

Please also be aware that, due to the nature of details we are providing, there will be at least a two week turnaround to gather the data. We therefore suggest that you submit your request in good time.