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Pay Protection 

Are you entitled to Pay Protection?


If you have been recruited into what is designated as a ‘hard-to-fill training programme’ then you could be considered to get Pay Protection. However, we suggest that you read the guidance as well as the Terms and Conditions to find out if you are eligible for Pay Protection. You can find information on Pay Protection in paragraphs 46-52 of Schedule 2 of the 2016 Terms and Conditions. 


If you have previously been on the 2016 Contract, then you will have already been assessed for transitional pay protection i.e. cash floor under this element of the contract.  If pay protection has been awarded, i.e. cash floor, to you then please send in confirmation from your previous employer. If we do not receive this evidence then it will be assumed that you are not entitled to a cash floor.

If you have not previously been assessed for pay protection, and having read the Terms and Conditions you could be entitled, then please send us an email as this must be done as soon as possible following the receipt of your offer. Upon review of the relevant information, should you feel you are eligible for Pay Protection, then we will require copies of the following:

  • Most recent payslip from your previous employer
  • ARCP (If Applicable)
  • Confirmation of employment letter confirming Job Title, Start and end date of employment and salary
  • Contract from recent/current employer 

Please be advised, as per our standard procedure we do not confirm Pay Protection prior to completion and return of your pre-employment documents as you are required to meet NHS pre-employment check standards first, where possible our team attempt to speed up the process by requesting relevant documents (as above) in order to have these to hand once able to review. Please complete the pay protection online form for processing by relevant team.


A quick guide on Pay Protection

Take a look below at our how to guide on all things Pay Protection - our video explains the process in detail and what we will need from our employee to process this request.