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The British Medical Association (BMA)

People working in medicine spend their lives and careers helping others but are sometimes in need of assistance themselves. The BMA is a trade union with a collective voice of doctors and medical students which is also led and managed by members. Being a member of the association means that you will have free access to many resources like:

  • Employment and career advice

The BMA's team of specialist employment advisers can help with any query about your working life including pay and working hours.


  1. Legal Advice 

The BMA works with a law firm that specialises in immigration to provide legal advice relevant to International doctors and medical students.


  1. Learning and Development Resources 

As a member you will have access to several webinars and E-learning modules. They can also support on your exams to show you what you can expect and offer guidance on how to get a clinical attachment.


  1. Wellbeing Support Services 

The BMA have support services that doctors and medical students can confidentially contact, free of charge. You can call their helpline or have the choice to speak to a counsellor.


  1. Contract Checking Services 

The BMA offer a "contract checking" service. Whether you are starting a new job or changing roles, the BMA recommend you have your contract checked to ensure it is fair.


Visit their website today for more information on the different memberships you can join. 

You can also contact their team through email

Or call the BMA on 0300 123 1233