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End of Fixed Term Contract - Checklist 

In preparation for the end of your employment with Lead Employer, trainees must be aware of the below information. 

Final payslip 

Your final payslip and your P45 will be sent directly to your home address currently registered with us. If your address has changed, please access your Personal Details on ESR Employee Self Service and update as appropriate with your current address as soon as possible. However, the P45 will only be issued once payroll has closed and all final monthly payments have been made.  For example, if you finish on 2nd August 2023, you P45 will be issued early September 2023. 

If a P45 is required earlier than this date, you can download a Starter Checklist from which will be sufficient for your new employer to action. 

Please follow the P45, P60 and P11D forms: workers' guide.

Employee self-service 

Access to employee self-service will cease on the date you are leaving. Therefore you must access employee self-service prior to your actual leaving date to ensure you download copies of previous payslips and P60’s for your records. We cannot provide copies of these once you have left.

EASY Expenses

Access to EASY Expenses will cease 4 weeks from the date you are leaving.  You must enter all outstanding expense claims within 4 weeks of your leaving date.


The pension reference number is the SD reference number shown on the bottom left hand corner of your payslip, this is your unique pension identifier to pass on to any future employer.

Applying to join the Medical Performers List AT THE RIGHT TIME (and not before)

As you may be aware, you are required to be included in the English Medical Performers List to work independently in NHS general medical practice in England. The regulations have been amended during the Covid-19 pandemic, such that GP Trainees are NOT required to be on the Performers list, and only need to take action to join at the end of their training programme as outlined below.

Please apply at the right time, as applying too early will not lead to your joining the list, and will cause additional unnecessary administration for you and the supporting teams with whom we closely work.

It is anticipated that upcoming changes to the Regulations will make this permanent, hence you should follow this advice until further notice. See below details.: