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Bereavement Support

We all grieve in different ways and there is no right or ‘normal’ way to react to the death of a colleague, friend or family member.

Whether this is through dealing with loss privately, wanting to reach out and talk, or just supporting someone who is grieving, we want you to know that there are various ways in which we can support you.

You can also refer to our Bereavement and Grief Booklet, which addresses these complex feelings and thoughts along with many different coping strategies.


Feelings of Grief

It is understandable that when a family, friend or colleague has passed away, it can impact your work and your team. 

Each person will be affected in his or her own way because everyone is different and had their own relationship with the person who has passed away.

Therefore, losing someone can come with a range of different emotions and sometimes it is difficult to control or identify these when someone is grieving.

You Might Feel:

  • Shock and numbness – this is usually the first reaction to the death, and people often speak of being in a daze
  • Overwhelming sadness, with lots of crying
  • Tiredness or exhaustion
  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Pre-occupied with some details of the person’s last moments or the way that they died, particularly if it was traumatic.


How We Can Support You

Please check out the dropdown options to read the ways in which Lead Employer can support you, along with other resources that are available.


We would like to express our sympathy and we hope that the information provided above will help guide and support you during this difficult time.