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Terms and Conditions of Service

2016 Contractual Agreement

The 2016 contractual arrangements apply to those under the auspices of NHS England (NHSE) for colleagues-in-training in hospital and community posts and public health posts in medical/dental education. It replaced the new deal arrangement, 2000 and the hospital medical and dental staff terms and conditions of service 2002, as they applied to colleagues.

The 2016 national contract for colleagues-in-training is an enabler to meet the needs of a 24 hour, 365 day NHS whilst being fairer and encourages stronger safeguards to prevent colleagues from working excessive hours.

For further information and the latest updates on the 2016 contract please visit the NHS Employers website, where you'll find information specific to doctors and dentists. 


Benefits of Your Contract

Some benefits of the contract, which are detailed in the schedules of the 2016 TCS, are:

1. Pay and Conditions:

Colleagues are paid a basic salary at a nodal point linked to the Stage of Training (there are 4 nodal points). Pay is no longer subject to increments under the 2016 Terms and Conditions.


Quick Facts on 2016 Pay and Conditions Circular:

  • All additions to pay are calculated on the basis of a rota period i.e, on a 10 week rota over a 26 week placement, the pay is calculated and averaged over what is work over the 10 weeks and not the 26 weeks
  • Pay is calculated on an average 40 hours per week.
  • Additional hours are remunerated at the basic pay rate, 1/40th of weekly whole-time equivalent for each additional hour
  • Weekend allowance is based on the frequency of weekend working over the rota cycle
  • On call availability allowance of 8% is payable where the host requires the doctor to be on call (non-residential)
  • Pay is enhanced by 37% for hours worked between 21:00 and 07:00 (additional rules apply)
  • Some specialties attract Flexible pay premia

2. Pay Protection:

The 2016 contract provides an initial period of pay protection for colleagues who were in training programmes on 2nd August 2016, those who remained in those programmes or progressed directly to their next programme on or after 3rd August 2016, and to F1 doctors who began their training programme on 3rd August 2016.

The majority of colleagues-in-training will receive protection under Schedule 15 Section 1 which provides a cash floor, below which their salary will not drop. Colleagues will take their cash floor information with them to each employer. See Schedule 15 on the Doctors-and-Dentists in training terms and conditions (England) 2016.

For those switching directly from one training programme into an agreed hard-to-fill training programme (non-Foundation training programmes), or from a nationally recognised career grade in the NHS, pay protection can apply in the form of a top up (criteria applies). See Schedule 2 – Arrangements for pay (paragraphs 48-61) on the Doctors and Dentists-in-training terms and conditions (England) 2016.

This only applies to applicable programmes, as detailed on page 8 of the current pay circular on the Doctors and Dentists-in-training terms and conditions (England) 2016.