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Please fill​ in the form below to write directly to Jo Redhead - Assistant Director of HR - Lead Employer.

If you are a colleague-in-training or host and have an issue or concern you feel can not be remedied by contacting the relevant Lead Employer team, Jo is available to discuss this with you.

The Lead Employer Helpdesk team are here to support you with most concerns and queries.  We operate with a telephone option menu to reduce the waiting period before you can speak directly to the relevant department you require.

When calling our Helpdesk team at 0151 478 7777, there are five options to choose from depending on the nature of your query:



General feedback form

You can also get in touch via our general feedback form. We value your feedback so are always eager to hear from you!


Chat to Jo form

Before completing the below, please ensure you have considered the options above. We look forward to hearing from you.