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ID and Verification

Within your Offer letter, you will have received a guide to your on-boarding process that outlines all of the necessary documents we require from you to process your pre-employment checks. 


Here, we guide you through the process of what documents you need to provide us with and where and how you can have these documents verified. It also includes more detail on the different verfified IDs and what to expect at the virtual ID meeting. 


Which forms of ID do we require?


Within your offer letter, your required ID is outlined in the following options: 


Option 1 – Provide 2 photo ID and 1 proof of address ID

  • Your photo ID could include the following passport, driving licence or BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) card
  • Your proof of address could include, a utility bill, bank statement or credit card statement. (Any statement you provide must be dated within the last 3 months.)

Option 2 - 1 photo ID and 2 proof of address ID

  • Again, your photo ID could include either your passport, driving licence or BRP card.
  • Your two forms of proof of address should ideally include either a council tax bill (dated within the current year), a bank statement, credit card statement or a utility bill (all dated within the last 3 months).


Please note: We do not accept online bank statements as proof of address, so please provide your administrator with a paper copy of your latest statement.

For further guidance on what documents you need to provide, take a look at the NHS Employers website which outlines all of the potential documents you could be asked to provide. 


How to provide your verified documents


Document verification is an identity verification method used to confirm the legitimacy of an applicant's ID document (e.g. passport, ID card, driver's license, etc.).

In order to have your documents verified, we recommend using your local Post Office, who can provide a quick, easy and cost-effective service for you.

Take a look at the Post Office website which highlights costing and also shows you where to find the nearest branch to you that offers this service.


A quick guide on Verifying your ID 


Take a look below at our how-to video, the covers everything you need to know regarding your ID and verification process. 

After receipt of verified right to live and work documents your administrator will contact you regarding a time and date you can attend a teams meeting for the check to be completed.

This will take no longer than 10 minutes to do and is a requirement for your pre-employment checks.

Please note: If you are applying for a new NHS England Sponsored BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) the virtual check can only be done upon receiving this on file.


A quick guide on Face-to-Face ID Verification


Take a look below at our how-to video, the covers everything you need to know regarding your Face-to-Face ID Verification.