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We offer many different types of expenses that you are able to claim through Lead Employer.  Please visit the following options to find out more about each expense and how you can easily send a request to us:


For a list of submission deadlines for expenses, please click here.

To view the Business Mileage Policy, please click here.

For Excess Mileage, please review the Relocation and Travel Excess Expenses Policy and Guidance.


EASY Expenses

Many expenses are now claimed via the EASY Expenses system. This includes:

  • Business related expense claims
  • GP Home to Base Mileage 
  • Excess Mileage 

(Please note, Relocation and Continuing Commitments are still to be claimed through Lead Employer, more information can be found here).

To access the system, colleagues need to self-register. For more information on how to do this, please click here.

To access the system, please click here.


Approving Manager

Please note, for all expense claims submitted via EASY Expenses, an approving manager will need to be set up on the system (this could be your Line Manager, Practice Manager, Medical Staffing Manager, Educational Supervisor or Consultant). 

As a colleague-in-training, it is your responsibility to identify your approving manager. They will then need to complete a New Approver Form found below or here.


New Approver Form

Once our e-expenses team receives the New Approver Form, they will be added to the EASY Expenses system.

Please note, the Lead Employer is NOT your approving manager for any EASY Expenses claims.  


The EASY Expenses System comes with a range of benefits allowing for a better user experience, these include:

  •   EASY to use and accessible across a range of devices
  •   A mobile app that enables you to enter claim details and events take a photo of receipts and upload them directly to your claim
  •   Where appropriate, the ability to enter the postcodes of places visited with the system utilising up-to-date navigation software to calculate mileage due
  •   Set your own favourite places that you go to regularly to save time when making a claim
  •   Journeys can be extended and return trips added without fresh input
  •   Self-Service - allowing you to create your own user account and manage any password resets without having to call the Expenses Helpdesk for support

EASY Expenses FAQs


Please note: To get in touch for any further queries you may have regarding e-Expenses, call 0151 676 5323 or email

Additional Expenses:

Study Leave

You may be entitled to claim certain expenses as a part of taking study leave.  As we administer this policy on behalf of Health Education England, please contact your relevant NHS England area and speciality to find out more. 

This can be found by scrolling to the end of the page


Removal, Relocation and Excess Mileage Expenses

This is a policy administered by Lead Employer from NHS England. Please visit our policies section for more information. 


NHSE Contacts by Area

As some of our expenses policies are co-ordinated by NHS England (NHSE), such as study leave and excess travel and relocation, you may need to forward your queries to your relevant NHSE contact. Please visit the following links for your contact by area;

North West

Please visit NHS England North West


0161 268 9979

East Midlands

Please visit NHS England East Midlands


0116 312 0671

West Midlands

Please visit NHS England West Midlands


0121 695 2367

East of England

Please visit NHS England East of England


Thames    Valley and London    

Please visit NHS England London or NHS England Thames Valley


01293 227 090