Domestic abuse can affect anyone at any time – there are no restrictions and it happens to people from all walks of life.

You might not even realise that you are a victim, but perhaps something isn’t sitting quite right with you. You can call the helpline number below who will be able to offer support if this is the case.


24/7 National Helpline Number: 0808 2000 247

If you are in an abusive relationship and do decide to leave this relationship, we know there are lots of things that need to be considered. Refuge - Against Domestic abuse have a guide to leaving an abuse relationship which you can view by clicking here.


Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (Claire's Law)

DVDS is a police-run scheme that lets you, or any member of the public formally request or receive usually confidential information about a romantic partner’s criminal history.

This might be a current partner who you are worried might have been abusive in the past. It can also be an ex-partner you are no longer involved with but believe may be a threat to your safety.

You can make a DVDS application if you believe you are personally at risk of abuse, or are concerned on behalf of a close friend or relative.

Under Clare’s Law you have two rights: to ask, and to know

1- The ‘right to ask’ means that you can make a DVDS application to ask about a current or ex-partner that you think might have a record of abusive behaviour or violence. Any information that the police share with you about a partner is called ‘disclosure’.

You can also ask on behalf of a close friend or relative, who you think might be at risk from their current or former partner. However, you may not necessarily receive any disclosure depending on who you are. The police may decide it is more appropriate to share with your loved one directly, or with someone who is more able to protect their safety.

2- The ‘right to know’ means that if police checks show that your current or ex-partner has a history of abusive behaviour, they may proactively share that information with you because they believe you are at future risk.



Support for men experiencing domestic abuse

We recognise that men can experience domestic abuse too. Nobody should have to live in fear of their partner. There are specialist services to support men which you can view by clicking here.