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Handling Concerns

There will be circumstances where concerns arise in relation to colleagues-in-training who are placed within Host Organisations. If concerns are raised in relation to a Lead Employer colleague, we will support your organisation to handle these in line with the appropriate Lead Employer policy.

Concerns raised may include matters relating to:

  • The colleague-in-training's conduct, health or capability
  • The disclosure of a health condition
  • A colleague-in-training raising concerns about a colleague employed by their host organisation
  • Matters regarding education and training
  • Safeguarding matters
  • General Medical Council Fitness to Practice Investigations
  • Serious untoward incidents (SUI) and Never Events
  • Concerns raised by patients in relation to care received by a Lead Employer colleague-in-training
  • Colleagues involved in Police matters

In all of the above circumstances, it is vital to notify the Lead Employer at the earliest opportunity to enable prompt resolution of any concerns raised and appropriate support is offered to the colleague. 

Below we have delved into each matter to support with handling each concern.