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Locum Work

Under the 2016 Terms and Conditions, if you intend to undertake hours of paid work as a locum in addition to the hours set out in your work schedule, you must initially offer such additional hours of work exclusively to the service of the NHS via an NHS staff bank (this will normally be at the rates stated in Annex A of the terms and conditions).

The requirement to offer such service is limited to work commensurate with your grade and competencies rather than work at a lower grade. You must inform lead employer via, your host organisation and your trainer prior to your agreement to undertake additional hours of locum work (or private work). As there is a risk you could breach the maximum average 48 hour week you will be required to complete the form on this page which allows you to increase your maximum average working week to 56 hours. 

If you are intending to undertake locum work or otherwise work hours in excess of 48 hours a week, please fill in the form after reading the agreements below.

In cases where concerns arise that fatigue may be adversely affecting safety, health, competency or training progress, we or NHS England may instruct you to cease locum work.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on on 0151 478 7777 or