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Dental Foundation Payroll Hub

How We Support You

We recognise the unique financial demands you may face during the length of your training and we work with you, on behalf of your Trust, to address your queries swiftly and efficiently. Our Payroll Team at Lead Employer is on hand to offer specialist knowledge and experience, here are some examples:

  • Pension queries and support with legislation
  • Salary sacrifice arrangements
  • NHS terms and conditions of service
  • Issuing pay for overtime / extra duties worked within the relevant NHSE area


Get in Touch

If you have any queries regarding deductions or additional payments, please contact your Trust in the first instance. 

If you have a query for our Payroll team, please ensure that you have your ESR assignment number ready as this will enable us to identify your record and address your query as quickly as possible. This can be found in the top left hand corner of your payslip from us.

We endeavour to provide a professional and effective payroll service and welcome any feedback you may have. Please provide any feedback to or alternatively complete the following form.