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Dental Foundation Hosts

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all our Host Organisations and Educators, as we look forward to working alongside yourselves to support our colleagues-in-training. 

Lead Employer is the intermediary contact between Host Organisations and Foundation Dentists for the duration of their training life cycle. Our specialised communication systems enable us to liaise with a number of contacts at any one time on your behalf, delivering consistent, up-to-date guidance to you in a clear and streamlined way.


Supporting staff on your behalf


We offer a comprehensive service designed to provide in-depth support to Host Organisations and Educators in all aspects of Human Resources. Some examples include:


  • Our dedicated ESR Self-Service facilitates access to information quickly and efficiently, designed to support Host Organisations and Educators
  • We liaise with Foundation Dentists, Host Organisations and Health Work and Wellbeing in order to create a straightforward approach to attendance management and a seamless transition for those returning to work.
  • We signpost appropriate support resources and contacts for each colleague on a highly individualised basis, enabling them to confidently take the next steps in their training.
  • Dedicated Lead Employer policies and forms which can be found here.
  • You can also view our FAQs page here which will help answer many queries you may have.

Our Lead Employer model strives to provide Host Organisations with the tools to best support colleagues-in-training. Please visit our dedicated pages to find out more.


Also, why not take a read of our welcome booklet which contains a host of information to help you support your Foundation Dentists? You can download in full here.