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GDC Registration and Indemnity Cover

It is essential that you ensure you remain eligible to commence and complete your Dental Foundation Training by registering with the GDC and having appropriate professional indemnity cover. 

You can find more information on registering with the GDC here. 

It is a requirement that all dentists in the UK have adequate and appropriate insurance cover in the event that a claim is made against them. 


The GDC recognises cover from:

  • Membership of dental defence organisations e.g. Dental Protection, Dental Defence Union (DDU), BDA or the Medical Defence Union of Scotland (MDDUS)
  • Professional indemnity insurance held by an individual or your employer
  • NHS/Crown indemnity

It is the responsibility of every dentist to ensure that they have the required cover, whether this is arranged by the dentist or their employer. However, you cannot rely on crown indemnity only and you will also want additional insurance by being a member of a dental defence organisation for those aspects not covered by crown indemnity. Every dentist must be able to provide evidence of their insurance if a patient makes a complaint to the General Dental Council.