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Cohort for Hosts

For colleagues in the North West... 

If you require specific advice and recommendations for adjustments and advice on how to avoid work-related ill-health and to help sustain attendance at work, please follow the Cohort for Hosts process.

Throughout the North West region, our Hosts now have access to the Cohort system. All Management Referral request for our colleagues in the North West are to be submitted using the link here.

The Cohort system allows you to create an account, submit the referral and gives you sight of the report as soon as it has been uploaded by the Health, Work & Wellbeing Team. Thus giviving our Hosts more sight of the referral and minimising any unnecessary delays.


Cohort navigation guide & Management Referral

You can find a user guide detailing how to navigate the Cohort system here.

You can also find guidance on different types of referrals and what should be included in the content of a Management Referral here.


Further support

Should you require any further support in relation to the Cohort System, please contact or